Visiting the College Valley

The College Valley is a truly special area set within Northumberland National Park.  We welcome responsible and considerate visitors to our valley – sharing the 12,000 acres of wild and wonderful hills, history, habitat and nature is something we are truly passionate about.

We have outlined some useful information for visitors – Not only will these tips enhance your own enjoyment and safety, it allows us to concentrate on the livelihoods of those who live and work here, as well as the many conservation schemes we proactively undertake.

Take your litter home

Take your litter home.

As a wild environment, we don't have facilities to handle visitors litter. Litter must always go home with you into your own bin, or recycling bin . The pristine nature of the valley is home to rare wildlife that must be protected from harmful and potentially lethal litter pollution.

Visitor Parking at Hethpool.

We offer free car parking at Hethpool, but vehicles must not travel beyond this point without a permit. The valley is not only a valley where children play and roam freely, but it also a farming environment that requires constant road access at all times. If you are disabled then please let us know, and we will try to accommodate you, otherwise use the car park and soak in the fresh air with a walk or cycle.

Be prepared - check in advance.

It's more than a motto - The Cheviot Hills surrounding the valley are magnificent, but can be treacherous. Check the forecast before your visit and always stay within your limits. If venturing onto the hills, carry a compass, waterproofs, food and water. We recommend downloading the App "What 3 words" for those seeking to explore the wilder parts of the valley.

Keeping wildlife safe - Dogs on leads.

Our four legged friends are welcome in the valley, but they must always kept under control. Dogs that aren't controlled are one of the biggest threats to our sheep and lambs as well as the many ground-nesting birds that come here to breed and raise their young. Help us protect our sheep, their young lambs, and wildlife - keep your dog under control at all times.

No Open Fires

We love camp fires - but they don't belong in the College Valley. Open fires present a huge risk to the landscape and wildlife of this valley, as well as a risk to human life. No matter how experienced you are, if a fire unexpectedly gets out of control, the consequences are catastrophic. It's not worth the risk - please, no open fires.

No unofficial overnight stays.

We are unable to allow any form of wild camping, be that tents, bivvy or staying in vehicles. We offer some wonderful holiday cottage experiences, as well as a fantastic hostel at Mounthooly.