Mike and Caroline – August 2022

WOW! This is the most amazing place I have ever been to. The wildlife, scenery, walking, night skies (we saw so much, including shooting stars galore). We became abundantly aware of how insignificant us humans are when we looked up to the skies to see all those stars, it’s impossible to comprehend the size and timescales of it all.
We went up the valley to walk up the Hen Hole, it was the best walk I have ever done. We came back via Schil, next time we will take on the Cheviot! The views were stunning. Oh by the way the Mill is fabulous, we were very comfortable during our stay.
Thank you everyone who is involved in making this all possible for us to come and stay here. We will be back.
P.S. (Caroline here) – I love and really value the way this valley is being preserved for nature – well done, please keep it up. There are so few places like this.

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