Parrish Family – Sept 2022

Our third visit to Coldburn and it’s just as lovely as the first, if not lovlier. Thank you to Ros for making this cottage so spotlessly clean and welcoming. As ever, far too short a visit but our main purpose this time was a re-ascent of Cheviot as part of a challenge to climb to all the highest points of the National Parks – Cheviot was the last and was, predictably in cloud/mix of wild and beautifully sunny autuminal weather which makes the hills glow, and all the rain made the river crossings on walks extra fun!!
Fitted in a visit to Hay Farm to see the incredible Clydesdale horses, such a friendly place and the horses are magnificent. College Valley has a very special place in our hearts and again we are bereft at having to leave the beauty, solitude and utter peace……we’re trying to bottle it before we get in the car!!!
Meant also to say, how helpful and informative the boom of information is on the history of the valley, particularly all the plane crashes. We’ve never taken the time to read about the valley in detail before and it’s even more interesting now that we have, thank you for making the effort to do that! And if we weren’t already well and truly married ages ago, we’d definitely do it here if we had our time again!

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